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At this stage, the ideal would be to have corrected the bone problems in an orthopaedic phase and now that your child has their permanent teeth complete (approximately from the age of 12) we can focus on correcting the alignment of the teeth. If you haven't done this, don't worry, we can also make these corrections at this time, but bear in mind that their growth is not the same, and the result is more variable. The recommendation is always to do the dentofacial orthopaedic phase between the ages of 6 and 9.

For our teenagers the most important thing is to feel self-confident, so we will not only analyse the position of their teeth, but also their confidence, self-esteem, the importance they give to aesthetics and their level of commitment so that together we can form a team and decide on the best treatment option. 
If your teenager feels comfortable and is committed, you are assured of the most successful treatment and if they are 12 or 13 years old, let's start as soon as possible to finish as soon as possible and with the best results.



This is the question that all teenagers ask themselves, because their comfort and physical appearance are very important to them. 


Depending on the problem to be corrected, Dr Eugenia Delgado will explain the best treatment plan for you, but to give you an idea of the appliances that we can use at this stage are:


  • Braces to correct bones (orthopaedic).

  • Metal or aesthetic braces

  • Invisaling invisible aligners

  • And most importantly a retention at the end, as your teeth can move again, especially during the first months, that's why in our plans you will always have retainers included.


Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing is not the choice of an appliance but the diagnosis of your orthodontist and the treatment plan that best suits your needs, not all appliances are for all patients and treatments. 


We are waiting for you so that at the end you can take all your selfies with a ¡SAY CHEESE!

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