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Orthodontics with aligners is more than a fad, it is a very efficient treatment method that adapts very well to the needs of a large number of patients. When carried out by a good orthodontist, the effectiveness is the same as with traditional orthodontic treatment. Bear in mind that these treatments require continuous supervision by our orthodontist and a great deal of commitment on your part.


  • One of the biggest advantages is that no one will notice that you are wearing braces.

  • The aligners are removable which makes it easier for you to eat what you want without discomfort.

  • Being able to take them out allows you to have good hygiene during treatment.

  • Depending on your problem, you may need fewer check-up appointments.

  • Check-up appointments are shorter than with traditional orthodontics.

  • They hardly cause any emergencies as they don't usually cause sores or chafing.

  • You will see a simulation and can check the final result before starting your treatment.

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