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We know how difficult it is to decide when we are adults to start orthodontic treatment, which is why it is even more important to choose a good professional who generates confidence in you and carries out a good diagnosis, treatment plan and clearly communicates the objectives you are going to achieve in terms of appearance, functionality and health.

For the treatment plan Dr. Eugenia Delgado will advise you on what is best for you depending on your diagnosis, lifestyle, habits and commitment.

The appliances we can use for your treatment are:

Metal or aesthetic braces
Invisaling invisible aligners


  • Improve your bite, as a bad bite can cause tooth wear, deterioration of the jaw joint, muscle pain, headaches and postural problems.

  • Aligning your teeth will not only improve your aesthetics, it will also help you to maintain correct oral hygiene, avoid gum problems (bleeding, recession, tooth mobility, etc.) and the appearance of caries.

  • Orthodontics is necessary prior to certain treatments such as the placement of a missing tooth or to achieve the best result in a dental restoration.

  • And of course, when you smile like a Hollywood star your self-esteem and confidence will surely increase.

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