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Your smile is important, it is health

Your child's first appointment with the paediatric dentist will mark the relationship you will have for many years to come, we know that for you there is nothing more important than your child's health. However, it is not the same for a child to be treated by a dentist as by a specialist, in this case a paediatric dentist. 


Why choose a paediatric dentist


  • Because they have spent years of additional study in addition to their dental degree, in order to have specialised knowledge in children's dental care.

  • Because they have received dental training in subjects such as habits, child psychology, paediatric nutrition, traumatology, child development, sedation, pharmacology, etc...

  • Because every day they attend hundreds of children and cases that have given them the experience and "good hand" to make your child's treatments as fast and comfortable as possible.

  • Because they belong to several paediatric dentistry societies that keep them up to date.

  • Because a child is NOT a small adult. They require different approaches, materials and techniques.

  • And in our clinic because Dr Marianne Salas has the best attitude, love and vocation of service so that your little one has a healthy mouth.



Remember that the first visit to the paediatric dentist is recommended as soon as the first tooth erupts or during the first year of life.



There is nothing better than prevention to avoid problems in the future. In our prevention appointments we will advise you on hygiene techniques, correct habits, clean or polish both baby teeth and permanent teeth, apply fluoride and seal their molars, but above all we will create a relationship of trust with your child that will last a lifetime.



During the baby's first year it is necessary to start with good health habits to achieve a healthy smile for the rest of childhood. As mothers we have many doubts at this stage, for this reason Dr Marianne will give you all the guidelines on breastfeeding habits, hygiene recommendations and development review for proper breastfeeding, and will clarify all your doubts so that you have the necessary information for the good oral development of your baby.



Some children are very afraid of the dentist or have had previous bad experiences, we understand that you want them to be cured as soon as possible but it is very likely that they will need a few appointments so that with love, dedication and tenderness we can reintroduce them to the world of dentistry. It may not happen on the first appointment but we will work as a team to achieve it in the shortest possible time. 

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Did you know that teeth are the only organ in the body that does not repair itself? For this reason, when, for various reasons, the integrity of the tooth has been altered, we have to carry out different treatments to restore it. These treatments can be obturations, pulpotomies or pulpetomies and functional or aesthetic reconstructions that Dr. Marianne Salas will diagnose you after a complete examination and x-ray if necessary.

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This process will only be carried out if it is impossible to rehabilitate the tooth and it is best for your health.
for your health, always using braces or making sure that you do not lose the space that is necessary for your permanent tooth. But don't worry, you will leave our clinic with your tooth and a beautiful box for the tooth fairy.

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It is a technique that allows us to relax children and adults to reduce their anxiety and fear and thus make their treatment a better experience.
It is a very safe technique in which your child will be conscious at all times and will maintain their natural reflexes. But it is not suitable for all children, so it is very important to have a first visit so that Dr. Marianne Salas can advise you on what is best for your child.

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