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A clinic for all

We have created a clinic so that you can come as a family, because mums and dads also need to go to the dentist and above all we will treat you with the same love and dedication as your children (because we know that some of you are also a little afraid). That is why we have created a clinic where you can find the same love and dedication as your children: 


  • Spacious consulting rooms so that you don't feel overwhelmed and to reduce your anxiety.

  • Headphones and TVs so that you can put on your favourite series and forget about the noise.

  • The best technology to make your treatment as efficient and comfortable as possible.

  • Our specialised doctors who, with their characteristic warmth, will give you the confidence you need for your treatment.

  • And if you still have a phobia that won't go away, we have nitrous oxide sedation to help you relax and make your treatment a pleasant experience. 


Come and meet us, we are sure it will change the perception you have of visiting the dentist. 

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The most important thing is that you maintain your oral health, depending on your habits and lifestyle our doctors will advise you how often it is appropriate for you to have a cleaning. They will check your bite, sleep habits and stress. And if necessary, sealants or fluoride applications as a preventive measure.

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Our aim will always be minimally invasive dentistry, trying to save natural teeth and repairing teeth damaged by caries, trauma, wear and tear or fractures through fillings and reconstructions.

Using the best technology and procedures to obtain the best results. 

If you suffer from anxiety or have a phobia, our clinic offers nitrous oxide sedation. 

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Pregnancy is a time in a woman's life when hormonal changes make you more prone to gingivitis, tooth decay or the worsening of a pre-pregnancy pathology, hence the importance and recommendation of your gynaecologist to visit the dentist during this stage of your life.
Our recommendation is to have a check-up at the beginning of your pregnancy or during the second trimester and then in the postpartum period, when we can also check your baby and establish their care guidelines.

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